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Media On Trial in the UK

SPECIAL: Media On Trial – LIVE

UK Column

This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE on location for an ACR simulcast from a special venue with the Media On Trial event in Leeds, England - an event which was banned by the city after pressure from members of mainstream media.  

In the first segment, Patrick will be joined via remote link by guest Benny Wills co-creator of Joy Camp to talk about his upcoming live event in Southern California called Regeneration.

Later in the first hour, we'll be joined by Mike Robinson editor of the UK Column for an update on preparations for Media On Trial today, and about the Establishment's attack on free speech and assembly and why event's mission of exposing mainstream media war propaganda has drawn heavy fire from mainstream journalists seeking to shutdown serious academic criticism of the media's unethical and potentially illegal practices.

Then we'll be joined by ACR's Hesher and guests for live commentary and simulcast of the event, featuring speakers Robert Stuart (exposing BBC propaganda in Syria),

Tim Hayward (propaganda on Syria), Piers Robinson (mainstream media propaganda), 21WIRE's Patrick Henningsen, former British Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford, and journalist Vanessa Beeley, followed by a live Q & A session with audience.

All this and more. Enjoy the show...

Listen to "Episode #235 – SPECIAL: Media On Trial - LIVE" on Spreaker.

More on the swif injustice against Tommy Robinson

The Terrifying Swift Injustice dealt out to Tommy Robinson
Right now it seems to me, watching this from the opposite end of the earth, that everyone (except those on the Extreme Centre) are correct but not right.

I will say, straight-off that I do not warm to the likes of Stefan Molyneaux and Lauren Southern. I dislike their thesis that the ‘other’ (Islam) is evil and that western ‘civilisation’ is perfect but under assaiult from the Left.

They willfully ignore the contributions of western imperialism in creating this situation. I wouldn’t mind betting that these people are also very pro-zionist.

I identify strongly with the anti-war movement which is often both ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ and their diagnosis of the situation. But then I dislike their silence on this matter.

When will we transition from an ‘attack on MY free speech’ to an ‘attack on free speech’.

Both ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ have the same enemy – the FASCIST STATE that is trampling on the free speech rights both of anti-war imperialists as well as those who are shining some light on the darkest areas of British society.

I think we need to acknowledge that there are at least two things going on. The western neo-cons, Deep State (you find the label that suits them) are bombing the countries of the Middle East and have been for at least 17 years creating a whole generation of radicaled jihadists turned by the justifiable fury against what has been unleasshed on society.

This has unleashed a terrible, right-wing religious fanatic extremism that is coming back to bite the very forces that have destroyed the very fabric of their societies. A generation ago Muslim societies were much more secular and inclusive than they have – wholly due, I must say, to western society.

At the centre of Empire (and I am thinking of the UK and Europe in particular) we have a different problem. Liberal ideology and political correctness dictates that it, while bombing Muslims in their thousands, western societies allow (and encourage) a flood of increasingly-radicalised Muslims and to go against any attempts to ‘insult’ these same groups (while they are more-or-less free to practise real hate speech against their host coutures) and a very real problem with pedophilia and Muslim rape gangs that have affected the lives of thousands of British girls.

It is ‘racist’ to even suggest that the problem is at all related to Islam (or to even mention the problem to a large extent) when if you look at the accused at all of the ongoing trials the (alleged) perpertrators are demonstrably all Muslim.

Of course there is a problem at the centre of Empire! It does not help, in my mind, one little bit, that someone like George Galloway whom I admire in many ways turns into a nasty bully when confronted with one of Tommy Robinson’s followers and celebrates Robinson’s fate.

I have ignored Tommy Robinson for a while, associating him with the likes of the (semi)-insane Alex Jones.

But I can’t any longer when the civil liberties of Tommy Robinson and his followers are under attack from the Corporate State.

In fact when I do listen to his (as in this conversation with a Shiiite Imam), I find that his arguments (although I disagree with many of them) his are much more though-out and coherent than I was led to believe.

Should I be surprised?

There is another event that the British state tried to shut down – the Media on Trial conference – that happened this weekend.

It would be nice if groups could stop following their own tribal interests and came together to defend the rights of ALL.

I look forward to hearing what the folks at UK Column have to say on this – but they might not be able to because of State censorship and suppression of the truth.

 [Redacted] Arrested for [Redacted] Outside [Redacted]: Leeds Crown Court Issues Media Ban

26 May, 2018

The Leeds Crown Court has issued a UK media ban following the arrest of well-known activist and citizen journalist [redacted] outside [redacted].
The reporting restriction, which requires on all publications within the United Kingdom to cease any mention of the details of the arrest or court proceedings of [redacted], was issued Friday afternoon:

Shortly after the issuance of the press ban on the case, several media outlets, including Breitbart London, the Mirror, the Daily Record, Birmingham Mail, and the Russian state broadcaster Russia Today, complied with the restriction and removed articles concerning [redacted]’s case.

Several other media outlets have kept their coverage of the arrest and the subsequent court details up, despite potentially falling foul of the court-issued ban which is to be lifted following the conclusion of a separate case.

The media ban, along with [redacted]’s arrest has sparked a wave of controversy on social media with many criticising the arrest and the court proceedings that followed it.

Supporters of [redacted] have called for a mass protest in front of number 10 Downing street with the hashtag [redacted].

Youtuber Count Dankula Crowdfunding to Appeal Conviction for ‘Sh*tposting’ 

The arrest comes after [redacted] had been involved with a new free speech movement in the United Kingdom following several cases, including the arrest and prosecution of YouTube personality Mark Meechan, known by his online persona Count Dankula.

Meechan was arrested for hate speech after he taught his girlfriend’s pug dog how to perform a Hitler salute on command when he uttered a specific phrase. He was later found guilty of causing gross offence by a Scottish court in April and ordered to pay a penalty of £800.

Since the sentencing, Meechan has refused to pay the £800 fine, donating the money to a children’s hospital instead, and said he will appeal the court’s guilty ruling. Within 24 hours he was able to raise over $100,000 for his future legal fees.

HERE are the contempt of court documents for the case against Tommy Robinson in May last year

And a version of yesterday’s events in London

Britain Makes it ILLEGAL To Report On Tommy Robinson In Prison

Peter Sweden

Swift Injustice: The "Terrifying" Case Of Tommy Robinson

27 May, 2018

  • The swiftness with which injustice was meted out to Tommy Robinson is stunning. No, more than that: it is terrifying.

  • Without having access to his own lawyer, Robinson was summarily tried and sentenced to 13 months behind bars. He was then transported to Hull Prison.
  • Meanwhile, the judge who sentenced Robinson also ordered British media not to report on his case. Newspapers that had already posted reports of his arrest quickly took them down. All this happened on the same day.

  • In Britain, rapists enjoy the right to a full and fair trial, the right to the legal representation of their choice, the right to have sufficient time to prepare their cases, and the right to go home on bail between sessions of their trial. No such rights were offered, however, to Tommy Robinson.
The very first time I set foot in London, back in my early twenties, I kicked up into an adrenaline high that lasted for the entire week of my visit. Never, in later years, did any other place ever have such an impact on me -- not Paris, not Rome. Yes, Rome was a cradle of Western civilization, and Paris a hub of Western culture -- but Britain was the place where the values of the Anglosphere, above all a dedication to freedom, had fully taken form. Without Britain, there would have been no U.S. Declaration of Independence, Constitution, or Bill of Rights.
In recent years, alas, Britain has deviated from its commitment to liberty. Foreign critics of Islam, such as the American scholar Robert Spencer, and for a time, even the Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders have been barred from the country. 

Now, at least one prominent native critic of Islam, Tommy Robinson, has been repeatedly harassed by the police, railroaded by the courts, and left unprotected by prison officials who have allowed Muslim inmates to beat him senseless. Clearly, British authorities view Robinson as a troublemaker and would like nothing more than to see him give up his fight, leave the country (as Ayaan Hirsi Ali left the Netherlands), or get killed by a jihadist (as happened to the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh).

On Friday, as reported here yesterday, the saga of Tommy Robinson entered a new chapter. British police officers pulled him off a street in Leeds, where, in his role as a citizen journalist, he was livestreaming a Facebook video from outside a courthouse. Inside that building, several defendants were on trial for allegedly being part of a so-called "grooming gang" -- a group of men, almost all Muslim, who systematically rape non-Muslim children, in some cases hundreds of them, over a period of years or decades. Some ten thousand Facebook viewers around the world witnessed Robinson's arrest live.

Pictured: Police officers pull Tommy Robinson (center) off a street in Leeds, England, where, in his role as a citizen journalist, he was livestreaming a Facebook video from outside a courthouse. (Image source: video screenshot)

The police promptly dragged Robinson in front of a judge, where, without having access to his own lawyer, he was summarily tried and sentenced to 13 months behind bars. He was then transported to Hull Prison.

Meanwhile, the judge who sentenced him also ordered the British media not to report on his case. Newspapers that had already posted reports of his arrest quickly took them down. Even ordinary citizens who had written about the arrest on social media removed their posts, for fear of sharing Robinson's fate. All this happened on the same day.

A kangaroo court, then a gag order. In the United Kingdom, where rapists enjoy the right to a full and fair trial, the right to the legal representation of their choice, the right to have sufficient time to prepare their cases, and the right to go home on bail between sessions of their trial. No such rights were offered, however, to Tommy Robinson.

The swiftness with which injustice was meted out to Robinson is stunning. No, more than that: it is terrifying. On various occasions over the years, I have been subjected in person to an immediate threat of Islamic violence: I have had a knife pulled on me by a young gang member, and been encircled by a crowd of belligerent men in djellabas outside a radical mosque. But that was not frightening. This is frightening -- this utter violation of fundamental British freedoms.

From one perspective, to be sure, Robinson's lightning-fast arrest, trial, and imprisonment should not have come as a surprise. "There has been a campaign to 'get Tommy' -- or what looks remarkably like it -- for some time," a source in the UK, whom I will call Jane Doe, told me late early Saturday morning.

The apparent justification for Robinson's arrest is that he was on a suspended sentence. In May of last year, he was taken into custody while reporting from outside a courthouse in Kent, where another group of Muslim defendants was being tried, also on "grooming" charges. That arrest was also unjustified. At least, however, Robinson was given a suspended sentence. This time, presumably, it was determined that the mere act of reporting yet again from outside another courthouse amounted to a violation of the terms of his suspended sentence.

The official cynicism here is obvious. Jane Doe made a vital point: that often, when one of these "grooming gang" trials is being held, the extended families and friends of the defendants stand outside the courthouse and "heckle and intimidate" the rape victims as well as their families and supporters. "I've had reports of children as young as five throwing stones at victims' families," Doe said. 

"This intimidation by extended community groups also involves going around to houses and harassing people." She has even heard of witnesses for the prosecution who have needed police protection to use a rest room inside a courthouse. Needless to say, this heckling and harassment is rarely reported on and never punished.

One potentially positive aspect of this ugly turn of events is that it turned heads that should have been turned long ago. Jane Doe noted that many of her Twitter contacts "were tweeting that they didn't necessarily support Tommy in general but were appalled that someone reporting these [grooming] crimes was arrested." Some of her acquaintances, she said, "are stunned and in despair." On Saturday, thousands of Robinson's supporters rallied in Westminster. But will such public protests make any difference? One British ex-policeman reacted to Robinson's incarceration with a video urging his fellow countrymen not just to march or rally but to join Ann Marie Waters' party For Britain and do for freedom of speech in Britain what UKIP did to get British out of the EU.

Jane Doe had more interesting information to offer. While Robinson is being punished for drawing attention to Muslim rape gangs, the Sikh Awareness Society, which has also reported on these "grooming" trials, is left alone. "They are a godsend," said Doe, "because they pull no punches yet don't seem to get the intimidation that people like Tommy get." Of course -- British police would not dare arrest a bearded man in a turban. Doe also mentioned an imam who was arrested recently, only to be let go by police after "a large group of supporters demanded his release." At least one police officer acknowledged that the imam had been freed because otherwise "they would have been facing riots all around the country." Doe summed up British authorities' current approach to the Islamic situation as follows: "they have lost control... and are simply going for those who they think will make the least fuss. The classroom bully has terrorised the teacher into punishing the kids who are bullied."

One assumes that the officials think that perpetrating this kind of injustice will somehow keep the peace. If I were one of their number, I would not be so certain. The people at that Westminster rally on Saturday were angry. How many other British subjects share their anger? Doe expressed concern that this summer in Britain may turn out to be quite restive. Well, maybe that is all for the good.

For my part, I cannot for the life of me fathom why not a single prominent or powerful individual in all of the United Kingdom has come forward to challenge the mistreatment of Tommy Robinson – and thereby stand up for freedom of speech.

Is the whole British establishment a bunch of cowards? I suppose we will know the answer to that question soon enough, if we do not know it already.

*  *  *
Here's the TL;DR version (via @RexTillerson)...
1. A reporter discovers a child sex ring
2. Reporter tells the story
3. UK arrests reporter for sharing the story
4. UK puts reporter in prison for 1 year for reporting the story
5. UK places gag order on the story & takes down story from the web
You are not dreaming!
Welcome to the future...

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Will Julian Assange testify on "Russian hacking"?

Assange willing to testify on alleged Russian hacking

Assange willing to testify on alleged Russian hacking

26 May, 2018

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is reportedly willing to testify in the investigation surrounding alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election.

The claim that Assange is willing to speak to congressional investigators was made on Friday by his long-time associate, Randy Credico. Radio host Credico told MSNBC’s Ari Melber that Assange wanted to speak with Democrat Adam Schiff “clear this whole thing up.”

Credico challenged Schiff to travel to the UK to interview Assange, saying: “He’s got the credibility, Nixon went to China.”

He said that Assange would only speak with investigators if they came to the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where the WikiLeaks founder has been in self-imposed exile since 2012. Assange fears that if he leaves the sanctuary of the embassy, he would be extradited to the United States to face a raft of charges relating to the release of a trove of classified US intelligence material by WikiLeaks.

Julian Assange is at the center of all of this, yet no one has interviewed him,” Credico said. However, he went on to say that Assange had not divulged what information he is willing to share with investigators.

The Republican-controlled House concluded its Russia investigation earlier this year, in which they found no evidence that the Kremlin had meddled in the US election to the benefit of President Trump. However, a minority of Democrats on the committee have continued with the investigation.

Credico claims he passed on the request to Schiff earlier this week. With Schiff’s team responding “Our committee would be willing to interview Julian Assange when he is in United States custody, not before.”

Throughout the election campaign, WikiLeaks released thousands of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee, which various US intelligence services claim were stolen by Russian hackers.

Authorities want to see Assange brought to the US and held in custody before interviewing the WikiLeaks founder regarding the leaking of the documents. Assange has been incommunicado since the Ecuadorian embassy cut off his internet connection in March, and this latest intervention from Credo doesn’t appear to have encouraged any ceasefire in the long-running dispute.

Extreme weather report - 05/26/2018

Climate & Extreme Weather News #121 (22nd-26th May 2016)

00:12 Cyclone Mekunu 
12:38 Kazakhstan: Astana windstorm 
14:43 Indonesia: Pekalongan & Kaitetu floods 
20:43 Sri Lanka: Floods 
22:47 Pakistan: Karachi heatwave 
23:03 India: Heatwaves 
24:14 China: Sichuan floods & Hong Kong heatwave 
25:47 Australia: Perth storm 
28:10 Europe: Thunderstorms, hailstorms & flash floods 
36:13 Canada: Heat & Snow 
37:32 The USA: Ft Collins hailstorm 
38:59 Temperature Data

Tommy Robinson in conversation with Muslim Imam

I'm trying to understand who this man is
Tommy Robinson: Meeting The World's Most Notorious Imam

THIS is what the Deep State wants you to know

Tommy Robinson sentenced to a year in prison -Rebel Media

I am going overboard with this because there is a TOTAL NEWS BLACK-OUT on this in Britain and it is so unprecedented.

I don't care which side of the poliical fence you sit. We should all be supporting Tommy Robinson.

It could be YOU next.

Tommy Robinson sentenced to a year in prison: The shocking facts UK authorities are trying to keep secret


26 May, 2018

Tommy Robinson was arrested today in Leeds, in the UK, outside the court.
A few hours later he was sentenced to 13 months in prison.
I’ve never heard of that before.

Normally, there’s an alleged offence; then an arrest; then the lawyers get involved; then a first court appearance; and maybe bail; and then disclosure of documents; then a trial; then a conviction; then a sentence. Normally that takes months; maybe years.
It happened today in a few hours.
And while Tommy Robinson is the man who was condemned, I think the UK courts committed murder of their own reputation for liberty and law.
TONIGHT I'll show you exactly what happened. There is a publication ban on this story in the United Kingdom. But the Rebel Media is based in North America, which is why I’m free to talk about it.

Tommy was arrested for causing a disturbance. But in fact, he had just been talking into his cell phone, doing a Facebook video livestream, for one hour.
He was doing journalism — standing outside a court house where a Muslim rape gang was on trial.

Tommy had asked a few tough questions of two Muslim men who were on trial, and who were in court today to hear the verdict on their trial for raping white girls and forcing them into prostitution.
The entire interaction was very brief; it was aggressive, sure. But the men went away quickly — they were just walking into court. There is no rule against hollering at an accused rapist.

And Tommy was very careful throughout his broadcast to call them only accused or alleged criminals. And he was careful about where he stood, because he was held in contempt of court a year ago for doing what every other journalist does: reporting from courthouse steps.
So he was very careful this time. It didn't matter.

The court docket says he's charged for contempt of court — not the breach of the peace that the cops said when they arrested him.
On the court docket I'll show you, you can also see Muslim names — that’s the alleged rape gang members. Apparently the names were subject to a publication ban — but it is a fact that other media had published these names in public.

That’s what they used to arrest Tommy for: For saying those names.
Tommy's long-standing lawyers were not notified of his arrest. Instead, Tommy was rushed into court that moment; given a court-appointed lawyer who was neither an expert in contempt of court law, nor familiar with Tommy or his legal history.

And the hearing was held in a matter of minutes.
Tommy got a longer sentence for reporting on rape gangs, than many rape gangs themselves receive.

What scares me most about this is that sentencing Tommy to a year in prison in the UK is really like a death sentence — most prisons are run by Muslim gangs, any of which would take it as a religious duty to murder Tommy.
There are literally 23,000 jihadis, that is, holy warriors, suspected of being terrorist sleepers — that are known to be in the UK. So the authorities are paralyzed by fear — afraid of being called Islamophobic, and even more afraid of violence from the 23,000 enemies within.
Not Tommy. He speaks truth to power; he’s motivated by a big heart.
But he’s inconvenient.
So he was thrown away today.
And you know what?
It’s almost just as well that the mainstream media were censored — because all they’d have done would be to celebrate, to cheer. On Twitter, the jubilation of Tommy’s opponents was unrestrained. And they were thrilled that he will surely be killed in prison.

Tommy doesn’t work for us anymore, but I spoke to his family and his lawyer, and I’ve offered to help them crowdfund his legal fees, even though we don’t have a formal connection.

I’ll let you know what they say — when I last spoke with them, they hadn’t actually even had a chance to talk with Tommy yet, not even his lawyer.
If they want our help, we’ll help them — even though he’s not with us anymore.
Because he is still the biggest rebel in the whole of the UK.
And he’s not just fighting for his own freedom — he’s fighting for all of ours.
Whether he takes our financial help or not, we’ll be doing our best journalistically to support him.

I just wish the mainstream media would too — and mainstream conservatives.
It’s Tommy today — it’s them tomorrow...

What a day in London-1protesting teh arrest of Tommy Robinson from Robin Westenra on Vimeo.