Thursday, 16 November 2017

More censorship and more warnings of war


It has been a strange few days, not only with having the cope with an attack of very bad health but with what has looked like the Internet has come to an almost halt with very few major stories being reported.

Real or conconcted? – we’ll never know. A lot of the sources I rely on are disappearing

Child porn is rampant on You Tube

In today’s world which is declining with every passing week – along with its moral compass – it is not the perpetrators of porn on You Tube targetted at children that gets censored but the whistleblowers who expose the crime.

Jake Morphoniois’ video was removed from You Tube for “bullying” and he was told he couldn’t even tell people where he reposted it.

Upsetting content that makes me grateful I don’t have children or grandchildren to worry about 

How Pedophile Rings Target Children On YouTube

View this video HERE

A censored article on the origins of Russiagate

On the origins of Russiagate

Joe Lauria

This article by Joe Lauria was pulled by the Huffington Post and disappeared but not before it could be recorded as a .pdf HERE

Deconstructing 'Russia-Gate' with Joe Lauria

Tell the HuffPost to Restore My Censored Article

Why won't the "Russia hacked the election" narrative go away? Who's behind it and why? And how? Did you know that the only two sources for the claim that Russia hacked the DNC and Podesta's emails were BOTH being paid by the DNC? Is that not a conflict? Beyond the politics, the new Cold War is a dangerous development. We are joined by investigative journalist Joe Lauria to understand the basic facts behind the claims...

As a longtime contributor to the Huffington Post I posted an article about Russia-gate to the site on November 4. Within 24 hours it was retracted. I have never heard from Huffington Posteditors about this decision. As a reporter for mainstream media for more than two decades, including almost seven years at theWall Street Journal, six years at the Boston Globe and ten years for the Sunday Times of London, I know that a newsroom rule is that before an article is retracted the writer is contacted to be allowed to defend her or his work. This never happened. There was no due process. An email I wrote to a HuffPost editor asking why it was retracted was ignored.  I can now only conclude that the decision was not for editorial, but for political reasons. 
Like the word fascism, censorship is over-used and mis-used, and I avoid using it. But I can come to no other conclusion than that this is an act of political censorship. I am non-partisan as I oppose both major parties. I am a reporter who follows the facts where they lead. And they lead to an understanding that the Jan. 6 intelligence “assessment” on alleged Russian interference in the election was based on opposition research, not serious intelligence work.
I've received a lot of support since the censorship became known. Ron Paul interviewed me about it on his TV show, The Liberty Report.  Journalists Tariq Ali, Max Blumenthal, Margaret Kimberley, Sam Husseini and Pepe Escobar have shared it on social media. Pepe said I "killed" the story. Peter Lavelle, host ofCrossTalk, asked me about it on the show. ZeroHedge wrote a widely-read piece about it, Mike Whitney referenced it onCounterPunch, and former CIA-analyst Ray McGovern kicked it 

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A very rare hurricane is forming in the Mediteranian Sea

A very rare hurricane in the Mediteranian Sea called ("Medicane") is forming west of Italy after days of wild and deadly weather in the area


The Big Wobble,

15 November, 2017

A rare hurricane, known as a "Medicane" is forming west of Sicily and is forecast to move south, gaining strength, hitting the island of  Malta then heading east impacting Greece sometime around Saturday.

The medicane comes after days of deadly weather in the area.
In Greece: Deadly floods hit Mandra, Nea Peramos and Megara killing ten people and washing cars into the sea.

Authorities said that about 10 cars were swept into the sea in the Aegean island of Symi on Monday.

 In Sicily, heavy rains fell in the Ragusa province destroying local greenhouse crops this week.

Some areas were hit by actual tornadoes.

It will take days to assess the damage.

In addition to the collapsed greenhouses, operators also have to deal with flooded crops.

At least 38 people were injured in the tornado in Turkey's southern Antalya Province late Monday, Dogan News Agency reported Tuesday.

The tornado, which moved swiftly towards the land from the sea, hit the farming fields and uprooted trees particularly in areas close to the coastline, according to the report.

The heavy storm and rainfall left a large-scale damage in the areas. And greenhouses, houses and vehicles were destroyed