Thursday, 24 August 2017

Cimate change and extrem weather report

Climate & Extreme Weather News #57 (August 20th to 23rd 2017)

"The planet is destabliising before our eyes": A report from the Arctic

Final Treebeard Report: "The Final Nails in the Arctic Have Been Set"

Typhoon Hato is affecting over 20 million people

Typhoon Hato downgraded to tropical storm

Typhoon Hato is affecting over 20 million people. Repeated assaults by typhoons in SE Asia are expected to cause massive climate change migration. 

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Typhoon Hato has been downgraded to a tropical storm. Hato brought rain and wind in early Thursday morning to the city of Nanning in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Authorities said some areas of the city may still experience downpours and strong winds over the next 24 hours. At least twelve people were killed in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, where the typhoon made landfall on Wednesday.

America's war in Tal Afar, Iraq

Up to 40,000 civilians trapped in Tal Afar, Iraq, amid anti-ISIS op – UN


Up to 40,000 civilians are believed to be trapped in Tal Afar amid a military operation against the Islamic State, UN warns. RT crossed live to Sara Alzawqari from the International Committee of the Red Cross in Iraq to discuss the issue.

Netanyahu's threat

Netanyahu to Putin: Iran must withdraw from Syria or Israel will ‘defend itself’


24 August, 2017

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) have repeatedly carried out air strikes on the Syrian territory since the beginning of the Syrian conflict. In July, it was reported that Israel has carried out dozens of strikes in Syria, allegedly targeting Hezbollah arms convoys. Netanyahu seemingly admitted to that during a meeting with the prime ministers of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

We built the wall because there was a problem with ISIS and Iran trying to build a terror front [in the Golan Heights]. I told Putin, when we see them transferring weapons to Hezbollah, we will hurt them. We did it dozens of times," the Israeli prime minister said at that time, referring to an earlier meeting with the Russian president.

In April, Reuters reported that the IAF targeted Hezbollah’s “arms supply hub” near Damascus Airport used to stockpile weapons and ammunition coming from Iran on “commercial and military cargo aircraft.”

At that time, Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz commented on the issue by saying that the incident in Syria“corresponds completely with Israel’s policy to act to prevent Iran's smuggling of advanced weapons via Syria to Hezbollah.”

In March, the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Israeli ambassador to Moscow, Gary Koren, to demand explanations for the airstrikes Israel conducted near the Syrian city of Palmyra after the IDF warplanes hit several targets near the ancient city, allegedly destroying advanced arms provided to Hezbollah.

In January, Damascus accused Tel Aviv of bombing the Mezzeh military airport west of the country’s capital.

Putin has not publicly responded to Netanyahu’s comments about Iran, which Moscow considers a partner in maintaining the de-escalation zones in Syria. However, on Tuesday Russia’s ambassador to Israel Alexander Petrovich Shein said that it will keep Israeli interests in mind when dealing with Syria.

"We take the Israeli interests in Syria into account," Shein told Channel One television. 

"Were it up to Russia, the foreign forces would not stay."

At the same time, Russia repeatedly emphasized the importance of the role that Iran plays in Syria. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov particularly 
praised the trilateral cooperation between Russia, Iran, and Turkey as the most effective way of resolving the Syrian crisis, adding that “the Russia-Iran-Turkey ‘troika’ has proven with actual deeds that it is in demand.”

After the Sochi meeting, Netanyahu flew back to Israel, where he is due to sit down with US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner to discuss the Palestinian-Israeli peace process.

Russian ambassador to Sudan dies

Russian ambassador to Sudan dies, Foreign Ministry confirms

Russian ambassador to Sudan dies, Foreign Ministry confirms
© Russian embassy in Khartoum /

Russia's envoy to Sudan, Mirgayas Shirinsky, has died in the capital, Khartoum, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday evening, confirming earlier reports that the diplomat was found dead.

Employees of the embassy discovered Shirinsky at his residence around 6pm local time, the press secretary of the Sudan mission, Sergey Konyashin, told RT.

The diplomat, who was 62 years old, appeared to have symptoms consistent with a serious heart seizure, Konyashin said, adding that doctors were immediately called to the scene, but were unable to save his life…..

7th Russian Ambassador Dies - Putin Caves in to Vatican

Israeli News Live

The Vatican has learned that a nation can be won by the simplest treasure. In the case of Russia the Vatican gave up just a rib of Saint Nicholas for the Russian state to cave in to Vatican demands. No doubt the Vatican see that if Russia caves into a Rib so will Israel to the Temple Treasures.

Then we have the 7th death of a Russian diplomat, this seems to beyond "Conspiracy theory" in in line of real conspiracy. One thing in common with the last two Ambassadors they have opposed intiatives held dear by Rome. Vitaly Churkin and Mirgayas M. Shirinskiy were these two men heroes of Russia.


Mirgayas M. Shirinskiy:
Vitaly Churkin :

Deep State War? Russian Officials Keep Dying Unexpectedly

27 February, 2017

.Six Russian diplomats have died in the last 60 days. As Axios notes, all but one died on foreign soil. Some were shot, while other causes of death are unknown. Note that a few deaths have been labeled "heart attacks" or "brief illnesses."

1. You probably remember Russia's Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov — he was assassinated by a police officer at a photo exhibit in Ankara on December 19.
2. On the same day, another diplomat, Peter Polshikov, was shot dead in his Moscow apartment. The gun was found under the bathroom sink but the circumstances of the death were under investigation. Polshikov served as a senior figure in the Latin American department of the Foreign Ministry.
3. Russia's Ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, died in New York this past week. Churkin was rushed to the hospital from his office at Russia's UN mission. Initial reports said he suffered a heart attack, and the medical examiner is investigating the death, according to CBS.
4. Russia's Ambassador to India, Alexander Kadakin, died after a "brief illness January 27, which The Hindu said he had been suffering from for a few weeks.
5. Russian Consul in Athens, Greece, Andrei Malanin, was found dead in his apartment January 9. A Greek police official said there was "no evidence of a break-in." But Malanin lived on a heavily guarded street. The cause of death needed further investigation, per an AFP report. Malanin served during a time of easing relations between Greece and Russia when Greece was increasingly critiqued by the EU and NATO.
6. Ex-KGB chief Oleg Erovinkin, who was suspected of helping draft the Trump dossier, was found dead in the back of his car December 26, according to The Telegraph. Erovinkin also was an aide to former deputy prime minister Igor Sechin, who now heads up state-owned Rosneft.

If we go back further than 60 days...

7. On the morning of U.S. Election Day, Russian diplomat Sergei Krivov was found unconscious at the Russian Consulate in New York and died on the scene. Initial reports said Krivov fell from the roof and had blunt force injuries, but Russian officials said he died from a heart attack. BuzzFeed reports Krivov may have been a Consular Duty Commander, which would have put him in charge of preventing sabotage or espionage.
8. In November 2015, a senior adviser to Putin, Mikhail Lesin, who was also the founder of the media company RT, was found dead in a Washington hotel room according to the NYT. The Russian media said it was a "heart attack," but the medical examiner said it was "blunt force injuries."
9. If you go back a few months prior in September 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s driver was killed too in a freak car accident while driving the Russian President’s official black BMW  to add to the insanity.

If you include these three additional deaths that’s a total of nine Russian officials that have died over the past 2 years that's Aaron Kesel knows of - he notes there could be more.

As Kesel explains, it’s worth noting that governments, specifically the CIA, have for long periods of time had chemical concoctions that can induce a full systematic shutdown of a person’s nervous system and in some cases cause someone’s’ heart to explode.

Former CIA employee Mary Embree discusses the infamous heart attack gun and how she was tasked with finding a chemical concoction that would cause a heart attack.

 The weapon was first made public during the Church Committee hearings in 1975 by former CIA director William Colby. It was said to be very lethal and untraceable, by using this weapon a murder is made to look natural while the poison dissolves in hours.

It seems highly unlikely and improbable to write off that six Russian officials would die in under 60 days in such an influx in various different mysterious ways without a catalyst. 

And let’s not forget RT founder and former Putin aide Mikhail Lesin was found dead in 2015 from a blunt weapon that was originally blamed on aheart attack so assassination can’t be taken off the table and ruled out in any of these cases. Turkey and Russia already accused NATO of a false flag attack killing Karlov the Russian-Turkish Ambassador. NATO also had a dead diplomat Yves Chandelon mysteriously die of a gunshot wound to the head in his car a week before the death of Karlov. Chandelon was the Chief Auditor in charge Of Counterterrorism funding.

Turkey and Russia have the will not to be deceived by this false flag attack,” they said.

Don’t forget that on Christmas day, a Russian military jet went down over the Black Sea, killing 60 members of the Red Army choir and 33 others that just adds to the massive coincidence list.

On a final note, former acting director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Michael Morell openly conspired to “covertly” kill Russians and Iranians in Syria in an August 2016 interview with Charlie Rose.

While Morell was talking about killing Russian and Iranian soldiers it is definitely a strange piece to add to this puzzle.

Are we witnessing a battle between the deep state and Russia in a spy versus spy plotline or is this all just afreak coincidence?