Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Israelis bomb Gaza Strip AGAIN

As is so often the case, Press TV is not available (cyber attack?). This is a cached version

Israeli jets target multiple 

targets across Gaza Strip

27 June, 2017

Israeli fighter jets have carried out multiple airstrikes on various positions throughout the Gaza Strip.

According to reports, several of the early Tuesday raids targeted positions belonging to the Ezzedeen al-Qassam Brigades -- the military wing of Hamas -- located to the center and the west of the coastal sliver.

Tel Aviv regime’s fighter planes also engaged in strikes against positions in Khan Yunis and Rafah, located to the south of the Strip. Palestinian farming lands to the east of Gaza were also targeted by Israeli mortar fire.

Israel claims that the attacks were launched is response to rocket fire from the Gaza Strip which landed in an unpopulated area in the occupied territories without causing any injuries.

The Israeli military frequently bombs the Gaza Strip, with civilians being the main target of such attacks.

Israel has launched several wars on the Palestinian coastal sliver, the last of which began in early July 2014. The military aggression, which ended on August 26, 2014, killed nearly 2,200 Palestinians. Over 11,100 others were also wounded in the war.

US renews accusations of chemical attack as it plans to divide up Syria

This is one of those days when I cannot keep up with the headlines. At least one branch of the US government is determined to wage war agaisnt Syria and break it up.

From the Voice of Empire.

US warns Syria over 'potential' plan for chemical attack

27 June, 2017

The US says it has identified "potential preparations" for another chemical attack in Syria, and issued a stark warning to the Syrian government.

The White House said the activities were similar to those made before a suspected chemical attack in April.

Dozens died in that attack and prompted President Donald Trump to order a strike against a Syrian air base.

The US statement warned President Bashar al-Assad of "a heavy price" if another strike occurred.

It said "another chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime" was likely to result "in the mass murder of civilians".

The statement added: "As we have previously stated, the United States is in Syria to eliminate the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. If, however, Mr Assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price."

Why is there a war in Syria?

President Assad has denied his forces were behind the suspected nerve gas attack in the rebel-held north-western town of Khan Sheikhoun in April.
Dozens of civilians, including many children, died.

In response, US Navy ships in the Mediterranean fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Shayrat airfield, in western Homs province, which it said was used to store chemical weapons.

Guided-missile destroyer USS Porter fires a Tomahawk land attack missile on April 7, 2017 in the Mediterranean SeaImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES/US NAVY

The US launched a cruise missile attack against a Syrian air base in April
The latest development comes amid increasing tension in the region between the US and President Assad's ally, Russia.

The Kremlin recently warned the US-led coalition that it would view its aircraft as targets after the US shot down a Syrian military plane.

Syria's six-year civil war has left more than 300,000 people dead and created more than five million refugees.

Militant Islamist groups including so-called Islamic State (IS) have used the conflict to seize swathes of and.

Warplanes from a US-led coalition are supporting an alliance of Arab and Kurdish militias as they carry out an assault on the group's stronghold of Raqqa.

And from Arab media

BREAKING: US military threatens to bomb the Syrian Army again

26 July, 2017

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (6:50 A.M.) – Not long ago, the US military issued a brief statement in which it threatened to bomb the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) again if it were to carry out a chemical attack. Remarkably, the US declined to specify where such an attack might happen or was being prepared. Full statement on the matter:
Chris Tomson | AMN

With tensions on the rise between Washington and Damascus, the US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said: “Any further attacks done to the people of Syria will be blamed on Assad, but also on Russia and Iran who support him killing his own people.”
It is not yet known if the statement represents a false flag pretext to attack the SAA or whether US intelligence agencies have information backing up an alleged chemical attack in the making.
On April 4, Donald Trump ordered the infamous strike on the Shayrat airfield in Syria in reaction to what Washington said was a poison gas attack by the Syrian government that killed at least 70 people in rebel-held territory. Syria denied it carried out the attack.
Earlier this month, the SAA cut off a US garrison in southern Syria from its frontline with ISIS, thereby rendering American presence in the border region obsolete in terms of defeating the Islamic State.
Now read this from the National Interest

It's Time to Break Up Syria

Kurdish fighters from the People's Protection Units (YPG) stand in a house in Raqqa, Syria June 21, 2017. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

Some believe that the destruction of ISIS is the only thing standing between peace and eternal crisis. It isn’t.

This comes a day after this article from Sy Hersh

President Donald Trump ignored important intelligence reports when he decided to attack Syria after he saw pictures of dying children. Seymour M. Hersh investigated the case of the alleged Sarin gas attack

Law student, Sarah Thompson, takes gov't to court over climate inaction

A great bit of grassroots activism.

The truth however (and my partner was at court today) is that the government is about doing nothing and Paris is purely about the "new economy" (vs the "old economy). It is about keeping the economy going at all costs (introducing "alternative" energies - oil derivatives - while digging everything out of the ground while the planet burns. 

Everyone is lying about the situation, including the Greens. Perhaps, above all, the Greens.

I remember being "persuaded" by a Green researcher who told me with a straight face that the message needs to be 80% "positive" - otherwise the plebs won't vote for them. In other words, they need to LIE

That was the end of my 20-year membership of the Green Party.

Student takes govt to court on NZ climate targets

27 June, 2017

Large-scale population displacement, and food and water shortages, will result if efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are unsuccessful, a lawyer for a Hamilton student has told the High Court.

Law student Sarah Thomson is challenging the government over the way this country's climate targets have been set, in the first case of its kind in New Zealand.

Sarah Thomson, at centre, with supporters outside the High Court in Wellington.Sarah Thomson, at centre, with supporters outside the High Court in Wellington. Photo: RNZ / Emile Donovan

About three-dozen banner-carrying protestors lined the street outside the High Court to support Ms Thomson's cause. Representatives of climate action groups spoke to the crowd about the importance of the legal action, and the precedent it set in holding governments to account.

Ms Thomson's lawyer, Davey Salmon, told the court this morning the effects of climate change painted a grim picture for the world's geo-stability.

He said the worst effects would occur when tens of millions of people sought to migrate to other countries because they lacked food and water.

Mr Salmon said the case was not about lobbying, but was an orthodox judicial review proceeding in which there were few actual disputes.

He said the Minister for Climate Change Issues had failed to reset New Zealand's targets under the Paris climate agreement as required.

The accord, in December 2015, agreed a long-term goal of keeping the increase in global average temperatures to below 2°C above pre-industrial levels.

"The 2 degrees wasn't a target, it was where things went from frightening to terribly frightening," said Mr Salmon. "Paris said 2 degrees was the line but 1.5 degrees was the better goal."

Mr Salmon said New Zealand's 2050 target for emissions reduction had not been revisited, but the reasons why it should be are largely-self-evident.

He said the plaintiff's case was that the decision made was unreasonable and those making it proceeded from the wrong starting point.

The case is set down for three days.

New Zealand has committed to reducing emissions by 11 percent on 1990 levels by 2030 as part of the Paris agreement. However, New Zealand's most recent greenhouse gas inventory shows emissions in 2015 were 24.1 percent higher than 1990 levels.

Gross greenhouse gas emissions from human activity for 2015 were 80.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, compared with 64.6 million tonnes in 1990.

When this is the reponse of government you know immediately that this case is going precisely NOWHERE

The government recognises the need for every country to act to stabilise greenhouse gases and prevent the consequences of climate change, crown lawyers have told the High Court in Wellington.

Milking abrupt climate change

CNN is really onto abrupt climate change – NOT!

See how CNN covers huge icebergs off te coast of Newfoundland.

Just wait for Larsen C to break off in Antarctica

Massive iceberg drifting by Twillingate, Newfoundland.
Photo taken June 15 2017 by Doreen Dalley

Is there a coup against PM English?

Are we witnessing a very Kiwi Coup?

I think we are witnessing a slow motion coup.

By Martyn Bradbury

I think we are witnessing a slow motion coup.
When Judith Collins appeared on weekend political shows a couple of weeks ago I first noticed something was in the air.
I even commented in my review at the time that it was odd for her to suddenly pop her head up.
She looked like she was flexing her muscles, sending a clear message, she looked like she was re-entering the ring.
Then suddenly like a zombie horror extra, Slater is back.
I think what we are watching in real time is a very Kiwi coup.
John Key could look down the barrel of the camera and lie to our faces, but English can’t.
Middle NZ rewards convincing political liars & punishes incompetent ones.
Bill English is being destabilised in front of our eyes because someone has reaped a heavy political price from deep personal pain. Todd has been sacrificed and Bill destabilised right when a totally fabricated Labour student slave story suddenly erupts via a right wing political news blog.
Who has fed this information to the NewsRoom?
Slater’s mate and right wing political strategist Simon Lusk argues that by polluting the political debate you turn voters off and the minority power block wins.
The evidence for that was 2014.
Watch how nasty this now turns. Blood is in the water.
Start watching Judith Collins, she will be timing her strike for the Leadership once the latest worst parts of this story make the news.
Someone is drip feeding this.
A Judith Collins and Winston Peters Government would be horrific wouldn’t it?

UK politics - 06/26/2017

Parliament's summer holiday could be extended 'to stop MPs plotting coup against Theresa May'
Disgruntled MPs 'less likely to oust Prime Minister during recess'


26 June, 2017

MPs could have their summer holiday extended to three months under reported Conservative plans to stifle rebellion against Theresa May.

Parliament would rise sooner than the planned date of 20 July, while the September sitting would be scrapped, resulting in a summer break of as long as 12 weeks, according to the proposals.

The longer holiday was designed to reduce opportunities for disgruntled Tories to plot to oust their leader, The Sunday Times reported.

September sitting was introduced as a permanent feature in the Parliamentary calendar after complaints MPs spent too much time away.

But now the measure could be axed, risking a public backlash.

The longer holiday would ease protests from Conservative MPs, who had been told to spend more time in Westminster after the party lost its majority in the House of Commons.

Parliamentary arithmetic means the Tories are expected to rely on the 10 Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) MPs to vote legislation through.

DUP leader Arlene Foster told The Belfast Telegraph on Monday her party was close to striking a historic "confidence and supply" deal with the Conservatives.

The Tories are seeking to finalise the agreement ahead of a crucial vote on the Queen's Speech on Wednesday.


Leaders from across the home nations say agreement could endanger peace in Northern Ireland

10,000 Police Officers: £0.6 billion

A deal with DUP: £1Billion

Clinging onto power: Priceless

GEORGE GALLOWAY: Northern Ireland party like Ku Klux Klan

The DUP are officially helping to prop up Theresa May in exchange for over a billion Pounds.

26 June, 2017

Veteran anti-war campaign and long time British Member of Parliament George Galloway has slammed the fledgling British Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal with the Northern Irish Protestant faction DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) which will see the UK government pour over £ 1 billion into Northern Ireland in exchange for the DUP propping up May’s Parliamentary minority.

Many have criticised the deal including the Irish government. Many in Britain and Ireland believe the deal violates the Good Friday Agreement for peace in the troubled province of Northern Ireland which stipulates that the British government must remain neutral in its relationship with Northern Irish factions.

Galloway described the sectarian DUP as a “milder version of the Ku Klux Klan”, the notorious racist organisation from the United States that came to prominence after the American Civil War.

Now watch George Galloway tear the DUP apart on RT America’s exclusive report on the crisis in the UK.

'Sinn Fein will resolutely oppose any attempt to give preferential treatment to British forces'

USA is organising another ISIS destablisation campaign in the Philippines

PHILIPPINES: Washington is not Amused, Another CIA/ISIS Joint Destabilization Campaign Underway
William Engdahl

26 June, 2017

ISIS flag being flown in Marawi. (Photo: Screenshot)
William Engdahl - Journal NEO

The only word I find for it is cloddish. I refer to the latest CIA-instigated attempt to initiate regime change against outspoken Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The so-called ISIS terror attack in the minerals-rich southern Philippines island of Mindanao, a predominately Muslim part of the mostly Christian nation of 100 million people, took place literally in the midst of President Duterte’s talks in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Duterte Putin talks in turn followed Duterte’s attendance in Beijing on May 15 for the first New Silk Road or Belt Road Forum. America’s colonial asset since 1898 was clearly walking away from the Washington “reservation.”

The terrorist siege in Marawi City is blatantly a desperate Washington try to topple the very popular (80% popularity in polls) Duterte, who successfully won the Presidency last June over a US-backed Mar Roxas, a US-educated former Wall Street banker. Since taking office Duterte has made bold and quite courageous steps to steer the former US Colony towards a Eurasian alliance with China and Russia as his major supporters. In Beijing in October last year, Duterte met China’s Xi Jinping and signed numerous trade deals with China. Critically, taking an opposite policy to his pro-US predecessor Benigno Aquino III, Duterte agreed to resolve the South China Sea dispute between Philippines and China through peaceful diplomatic talks, and to as he put it, “seek a separation from the United States.”

Since then Duterte has sought closer ties with Russia as well, in a further effort to bring his nation out from under the yoke of a de facto US control. This does not sit well with the circles of the so-called Deep State in Washington –the CIA and their nefarious friends. Should the US lose the Philippines, it would pose a devastating strategic geopolitical loss to the US military containment strategy against China and Russia in the Pacific. Devastating.

The recent attacks and siege in Mindanao were nominally done by the terrorist Maute gang and Abu Sayyaf criminal terrorist organizations, both nominally tied to the US-created ISIS fake Islamist operation, a CIA terrorist project created with Saudi money going back to the CIA’s Osama Bin Laden Al Qaeda Mujahideen Operation Cyclone during the 1980’s against the Soviets in Afghanistan.
Duterte’s Eurasia Pivot

It comes as no surprise to anyone closely following the evolving dialogues between Duterte and the leaders of China and now, Russia that the CIA would try to destabilize Duterte at this critical time. They simply hide behind the black skirts of their psychopathic drug-running Maute and Abu Sayyaf, both now tied to the CIA and Mossad-created and Saudi-financed ISIS.

In Moscow, despite having to cut short his talks with Putin to fly back home and deal with the terrorist crisis in Mindanao, the Philippine leader and his Secretaries of Defense and Foreign Affairs managed to sign a number of critical agreements with Russia. These included 10 major agreements aimed at deepening bilateral defense, strategic and economic relations. The two countries signed an Agreement on Defense Cooperation, a legal framework for military-to-military exchanges, training, intelligence-sharing. The Philippines and Russia also signed an intelligence exchange agreement to bolster counter-terror cooperation. That does not please Washington at all.

A ‘Country Bumpkin’ Not

Western mainstream media has delighted in portraying the 71-year-old veteran politician Duterte as a crude country bumpkin, a lower-than-peasant creature who is only capable of vulgar statements, such as when shortly after his inauguration he called the US Ambassador to Manila a ”gay son of a bitch“ for criticizing Duterte’s war on drug lords and dealers plaguing the country. Whether Duterte was factually correct, he clearly won sympathy of millions of his countrymen for having the courage to stand up against the American power.

After closely watching Duterte and his choice of close advisers now for almost a year, I’ve come to the conclusion a country bumpkin Duterte is definitely not. Rather, he is a shrewd political actor who is determined to bring his country out of the colonial servitude status it has held since the first Spanish colonialization in 1565.

Duterte is the first Mindanaoan to hold the Presidential office. Ethnically he is of Visayan descent. This fact is not irrelevant. The Visayans in Mindanao and other Philippine islands led a war for independence against Spanish occupation in 1896.

The United States, posing as the supporter of the Visayan-led war of independence from Spain, betrayed the trust assured the Philippines, double-crossed them and signed a Treaty with Spain, the Treaty of Paris of 1898, under which Spain ceded Cuba and The Philippines to the United States. The USA refused to recognize the independence of their erstwhile ally, the Philippines, and took the country by military force, America’s first genuine imperial grab. The nascent First Philippine Republic then formally declared war against the United States in 1899, unsuccessfully. It was put under US military control. It took until 1946 before the country could be recognized as an independent sovereign state, at least in name.

That historical heritage of Duterte as a Visayan clearly is a living fact for Duterte. He graduated Philippines University and earned a degree in law in 1972. As a lawyer, he was prosecutor in Davao City in Mindanao and later Mayor, one of the longest-serving mayors of the Philippines with seven terms over 22 years. As Mayor, Duterte passed the city’s Women Development Code, the only such code in the country. Its aim is “to uphold the rights of women and the belief in their worth and dignity as human beings.” He pushed for the Magna Carta for Women in Davao, a comprehensive women’s human rights law that seeks to eliminate discrimination against women. As President he has made a domestic focus on poverty reduction.

There is clearly more to the man than lurid western media reports reveal. Now this very popular President is determined to make his country a sovereign nation able to choose with whom it allies and for what ends, and how its economy develops. This is why the CIA and its fake Jihadist networks are being jacked up to try to get rid of Rodrigo Duterte.

ISIS: Bloody Pawprints of CIA and Mossad

The networks of the US Deep State, primarily the CIA have chosen their favorite cover, the otherwise laughable deception of head-choppers calling itself the Islamic State or ISIS or ISIL or DAESH (CIA central casting seems to have trouble settling on a name).

In reality IS, or the groups that spring up conveniently in Syria, in Iraq, in Chechnya–wherever the CIA decides it needs a terror hit squad–are trained mercenary killers, trained variously by CIA or Pentagon Special Forces; by Pakistani ISI intelligence, at least formerly, or by Mossad, also known as Israeli Secret intelligence Service, or by MI-6. In the Philippines, the IS alleged affiliates, especially the Maute group that has laid siege to Marawi City, are little more than a criminal band that finances itself by terror, occasional beheading to exert ransom in a protection racket, recruiting child fighters. Recently the networks of the CIA have been pouring in their foreign mercenaries from Syria, Libya and other places to beef up Maute’s gang for the attack on Duterte’s rule, portraying it as a religious-based “liberation struggle.”

ISIS came out of the CIA’s Al Qaeda franchise called Al Qaeda in Iraq. In 2010 its name was changed to ISIS. Then as Israeli journalists pointed out the embarrassing fact that the English acronym for the Hebrew spelling of Mossad was ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Services abruptly they decided to call their band of mercenaries with their black flags and US M16 assault rifles, IS for Islamic State. Conveniently in Syria they control the very territory where competing Qatari and Iran gas pipelines to the Mediterranean would run. 

Curiously, despite the fact they are active in the Golan Heights where Israel has its eye on stealing a huge amount of newly-discovered Syrian oil, they have never attacked Israel. The one time an accidental hit on an Israeli target took place, IS apologized…Do real head-choppers ever apologize?

When the fake CIA Sarin gas attack in Ghouta in 2013 failed to get a UN mandate for all-out war to depose Bashar al Assad–Obama’s infamous “red line”–the NATO and NATO-linked networks created the monster they now call IS in 2014.

Today the CIA uses IS as the cover to justify keeping US forces in Iraq after the government asked them to leave; a cover to bomb Syria in order to topple Assad, something Russian presence has made embarrassingly difficult since September, 2015. And they use it to recruit thousands of young psycho recruits from over the Muslim work, train them and send them back to places like Chechnya in Russia or Xinjiang in China, or Balochistan Province in Pakistan where the Chinese have built a new deep water port at Gwadar on the Arabian Sea near Iran, the heart of its $46 billion China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a strategic part of its One Belt, One Road Eurasian infrastructure project.

Now the West’s favorite terrorist mercenaries are being told to take down Duterte in the Philippines. They probably are too late and have badly underestimated their adversaries. But then with the deterioration over recent decades in the quality of American university education, the current generation of strategists at Langley likely missed the basic course in Sun Tzu’s the Art of War, especially the part that cautions generals who wish to be victorious to “know yourself and know your enemy,” something that Duterte seems to have thought about. How the IS destabilization try in the Philippines unfolds in coming weeks may well determine a major turning point towards creation of the emerging China-Russia-centered Eurasian Century.

Gerald Celente on war and the economy

Gerald Celente - Iran, Oil or Tech Could Sink the Economy

USA Watchdog

Trends forecaster Gerald Celente thinks the economy is so weak that it must be propped up by massive fraud, and that means any black swan can sink this economic scam overnight. Celente contends, “It’s over, it’s over and that’s why gold is the ultimate safe haven to me.”

What specifically is Celente watching to tip him off trouble is coming? Celente says we are watching Iran and any confrontation with Iran . . . and we are watching tech stocks and the possibility of a sell-off and also the price of oil. . . . There is too much supply and not enough demand--end of story.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with trends researcher Gerald Celente, Publisher of The Trends Journal.